Heartland Baptist Church

HWY 61 Yard Sale

When we purchased our new property, we were also blessed with an abundance of furniture. There were couches, chairs, tables, desk, lamps and it was more than we can use, so this year we will be setting up a yard sale August 31 – September 2. Along with the furniture, we also have household goods, figurines, a whirlpool tub, framed pictures, and more. Some of the ladies of the church will be holding a bake sale as well, so be sure to stop by and see what goodies you will find!  This will be mostly an inside event.  Restrooms are open to the public and refreshments will be available along with the baked goods.
All proceeds will go to the remodeling/rehab efforts that are ongoing inside the building.  We also still have some angels figurines to return to family members.

Donations of items are welcome and may be dropped off at the church building any time by leaving them in the covered carport area.

17th Anniversary & Grand Opening

Excitement is in the air as we have begun to prepare for our Grand Opening Meeting (September 17 – 24) and the 17th anniversary of the church (September 20) . Both events are occurring simultaneously, so there are many things to plan and prepare for. Throughout the week we will be hosting several pastors, friends, and visiting church groups from across the U.S.; including Dr. S.M. Davis from Solve Family Problems Ministries, Pastor Greg Dawson from Shining Light Baptist Church in Tuscan, AZ; Pastor James Waymire from Second Baptist Church in Festus, MO; Pastor George Smith, and Pastor Todd Abbey from Fairfax Baptist Temple in Fairfax, VA. A group of men from Fairfax Baptist Temple have volunteered to help with remodeling work on the building that week as well, which will be a tremendous blessing!2017 Anniv

Here are the times for the meeting:

Sunday, September 17 – 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, & 6:00 PM

Monday – Friday September 18-22 – 7:00 PM

Sunday, September 24 – 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, & 2:00 PM

We hope to see you there!

Vacation Bible School 2017

We had four young people trust Christ this week, two of those asked about baptism.  One other young lady who had been saved a previous VBS requested baptism also.  We had a wonderful week, met many new friends, and had many wonderful volunteers!


Kid’s of all ages will enjoy this year’s VBS program.  They will learn about the breadth and depth of God’s love and mercy.  There will be singing, skits, a puppet, crafts, games, memory verses, and refreshments.  Kids under 5 must be accompanied by an adult.  Kid’s 12 to 102 are welcome to attend too!

Parents can stay to enjoy the evening or drop off their children.  We can provide transportation if needed, call (573) 513-2112 to arrange.

Note: this is a free event, but we will take up a penny offering that will be given to a missionary.  Penny rolls will be available at the registration table each evening.

Memorial Day – May 29, 2017

This year’s annual Memorial Day picnic will be at our new location at 829 W. Saint Joseph St.  This year’s event will include a repeat (updated) of the very popular skit from last year, “The Price of Freedom.”  This skit is performed by our church youth classes and “reenacts” many special moments of our countries rich history from the battle for our freedom for independence to the Civil War which nearly divided our young country.

The skit will start shortly after 11 a.m. and will last about an hour and a half with a 15 minute intermission.  Following the skit there will be hamburgers, hot dogs and standard picnic foods and drinks.  There will be covered seating areas, picnic tables, and room for your favorite lawn chair too.  There will be air conditioned space for eating following the skit or you enjoy the sun in the yard.

We will also shoot the candy cannon for all of the young people in attendance after the mealtime.

Everyone is welcome!

Here are a few pictures from last year’s performance…

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Angel Figurines

When we purchased the new property recently we inherited a number of “Angel” figurines that were donated by family members in memory of their departed loved ones.  We are attempting to return them to the families.  Below is a list of the figurines that are remaining.  If you would like to pick up your figurine you may call the church office to see when someone will be available to meet you, or, you may come to the church building at one of our regularly scheduled service times.  Someone is typically at the building 30 minutes before and for at least 2 hours after the scheduled start time. (If the lights are on and there are cars in the parking lot, come on in!)

Walter Balsmann

Carl Baudendistel

Megan Leighann Bird

W.C. & Louise Bishop

Estelle Blasiney

Mr & Mrs John Blechle

Clyde Brewer

Connie Pauline Brewer

Jared M. Brooks

Joan C Brown

Roy S. Brown

Maxine Bush

Mildred Carney

Howard and Irene Clifton

Thomas and Loretta Hoffman

Alma Kathleen “Kathy” Hunt

Laurie Ann & James Paul Keller; Velma Marie Unterreiner

Stephen J. King Sr.

Ruth Kirn

Karl Klaus

Irene Leonard

Bobby Lindsey

Debbie Lunsford

Connie R. Turner Master

Maxine & George McGowan

Rosie & Debbie Meyer; Evelyn Webb

Robert S. Moll

Elizabeth Anne Moore

Rosalla Obendafer

David Ohngren

Jeffrey Peterson

Albert Ramsey

Jim Rauh

Florence Rugh

Josh Schemel

Marie J. Schenck

Leona Sutterer Schindler

Margaret M. Schrenk

Ethel Snyder

Thomas E. & Inez R. Turlin

David L. Turner

Dorthy Turner

James Willis

Beulah Winkler

Helen R. Zahner

The Zahner family

Easter Morning Services

Here are some pictures from our Easter morning services at the new building.  God is good and sent us many new friends at both the 6:15 and 9:30 service times.  We hope and trust that they return and bring others with them!

New Life where once there was death

It has only been four weeks since we signed papers and purchased what used to be Miller Funeral Home in Perryville, MO.  Though it has only been four weeks, we have poured many months worth of work into the tired old building to make it what it is tonight!  I have witnessed many folks scrub, scour, and paint for hours on end.  Load after load of trash and construction/remodeling waist has left for the local transfer station while new was installed and old restored.  Tomorrow morning at 6:15 a.m. we will open the doors for our first Sunday morning (Easter sunrise no less) service.  As I sit in my office this evening reflecting on the work done; the mission that has been accomplished; and the worship and fellowship that will happen in the morning, I am awed by God’s goodness and provision.  While the building as a whole still needs much work, the accomplishment of what has been done is nothing short of amazing.  God has provided and God’s people have responded with hard work and dedication to seeing God get the glory in Perryville.

Below is a few picture of the outcome of the past month’s labors.  Thank you Jesus for strength and provision to do the work!

If you are in Perryville, please come see what the LORD has done at Heartland Baptist Church!

Easter Sunday Schedule:  Sunrise Service: 6:15 A.M.

Breakfast served: 7:00 A.M. until 9:00 A.M.

Second Service: 9:30 A.M.

Candy Cannon will be shot into the air for the children at approximately 10:45, when the second service is finished.  Bags will be issued to those who attend the 9:30 service.